Welcome to the 1st International Congress of Family Health Nursing, promoted by the Portuguese Society of Family Health Nursing on October 12 and 13, 2018. This congress includes 6 workshops with a multidisciplinary approach, enhancers of family care improvement, 2 conferences and 3 panels. We will have the presence of the International Familly Nursing Association (IFNA) to understand the global development of Family Health Nursing. In the various panels that will integrate national and international speakers (Brazil, Ireland, Spain and Denmark), we will reflect on the challenges to Practice and Research in Nursing and Family Health and share realities and responses to the challenges of contemporary society. There will also be the possibility of participation with oral communications and posters, to broaden the range of opportunities of sharing in relation to the themes of the congress, centered on Family Health Nursing. The purpose of this first congress is to contribute to the dissemination of evidence in National and International Family Health Nursing and to integrate the Portuguese reality in the context of international sharing. We have the partnership of Nursing Teaching Institutions, promoting a qualified scientific committee and participation of Family Nurses from various contexts of Mainland Portugal and Islands in the Organizing Committee, enhancing the voice of the actors that drive the Family Health Nursing in Portugal. Summaries of papers selected for the congress (poster or oral communication) will be published in the summary book associated with the event 

 The President of the Congress

Maria Henriqueta Figueiredo




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1st International Congress of Family Health Nursing 18
Início: 12 de outubro de 2018
Fim: 13 de outubro de 2018

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